Rise Nutrition


Data-driven nutrition for peak performance

Rise Nutrition takes the guesswork out of fueling your body and replaces it with cutting edge analytics to optimize athletic performance.

Nutrition Database

  • The most comprehensive nutrition requirement database
  • Curated by registered sports dietitians and certified strength and conditioning specialists
  • Synthesized from the most current research
  • Tailored to an athlete’s sport and position
  • Rigorously evaluated and updated to reflect advances in sports nutrition

Optimization Algorithms

  • A suite of machine-learning algorithms
  • Customized to individuals and teams
  • Builds insights about food habits, preferences and environment
  • Determines meaningful steps to performance improvement

Performance Insight

  • Easy to use mobile app and web dashboard
  • Real-time displays of nutrition status and performance metrics
  • Viewable by athlete, position group, and team groupings
  • Connects athletes, coaches, and registered dietitians with visual and intuitive representations of nutrition analytics

Nutrition tools created

Nutrition is an essential piece of athletic performance at all levels of competition. The quality of what athletes put in their bodies deeply impacts their performance - Simply telling an athlete to make the "right food choices” isn’t enough. Optimizing nutrition to achieve peak performance is often a complex and labor-intensive process.

Rise Nutrition automates the process to be:

Less labor intensive
NCAA compliant
More intuitive
Professional and international league standard compliant