Rise Nutrition


Rise Nutrition is where research-based nutrition and machine learning meet to fuel performance and livelihood.

The Mission

Rise Nutrition is a sports technology company with a social justice mission. We are a team of nutrition researchers and data scientists who understand that nourishing populations is a complex problem.

Research and data science are powerful tools that can be leveraged to address nutrition deficiencies across diverse populations, from the elite athlete to food-insecure communities. Using rigorous protocols and leveraging current technologies, our proprietary platform, Fuel to Rise™, provides usable approaches to identify nutrition deficiencies and find appropriate solutions. Our platform gives players and coaches an easy way to connect, help athletes reach their performance goals, and save time for dietitians who want to work closely with more athletes.

In the same way we optimize performance for elite athletes, our core technology is being applied to address malnutrition in food insecure communities around the world. Revenue from sales of software licenses to athletic teams funds Rise Nutrition’s social justice mission - for more information about our impact projects check out Seeds to Rise™.

Meet our team

See who makes Rise Nutrition possible & read more about them.
  • Jesse Papirio
    Co-founder, Manager - People & Projects
  • Kristan Papirio
    Co-founder, Manager - Product & Technology
  • Kara Lynch - RD, LDN
    Nutrition Research Lead
  • Bridget Korpanty - DMSc, PA-C
    Founding Member, Medical Research
  • Dan Starner
    Founding Member, Lead Software Developer
  • Angus Lam
    Software Development