Rise Nutrition

Fuel to Rise™

A web dashboard for coaches and dietitians paired with an app for athletes providing data on athlete nutrition status and energy expenditure.





The platform is built around the needs and experiences of athletes and sports organizations using analytics backed by our comprehensive and proprietary nutrition requirement database. The database synthesizes the latest research in sports nutrition and performance to inform the baseline for athletes by sport and position.

The platform uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to build insight over time about individual athletes. Analytics are based on nutrition, performance, and health data.

  • Food Consumption, Environment, Preferences, and Habits
  • Energy, Recovery, Speed and Strength in Training and Competition
  • Quality and Duration of Sleep, and Injury Prevention & Recovery
Fuel to Rise™ platform takes these data metrics to provide access to over 75 reporting, analytic, and optimization outputs

These exclusive outputs provide an extremely valuable set of features to fine-tune fueling decisions and guide behavior change. The Fuel to Rise™ platform ensures nutrients are provided in the right amount, ratio, and timing to

Fuel training
Speed recovery
Protect against injury
Strengthen competition
Optimize performance

What You Get

  • 1.
    Customizable Dashboard

    Every team and athlete has different needs. We get that. Whether you are a coach, team dietitian, or athletic trainer, our customizable dashboard lets you easily track team and athlete goals in a way that works for you. Pick only the features you want, and if you don’t have it we’ll build it.

  • 2.
    Dynamic App

    In a reward driven culture, we have “game-ified” our App, incentivizing athletes to enter data, work toward goals, and brush up on basic nutrition. Notification and reminder settings make sure they never miss a beat.

What It Does

  • 1.
    Position Specific Dietary Analysis

    Sprinting, throwing, or kicking, every athlete on your team is not the same. The Fuel to Rise™ platform can accurately track and aggregate your athlete’s dietary habits, catering to their individual biometric needs.

  • 2.
    Point-in-time data on athlete nutrition

    The Fuel to Rise™ platform gives you and your athletes the ability to record and monitor habits by tracking micronutrient breakdowns and identifying nutrient deficiencies in real time.

  • 3.
    Continuous monitoring of athlete groups

    Compare the eating habits, energy expenditure, and performance of athlete groups and teams in/out of season at any level: week to week, day to day, or meal to meal.

  • 4.
    Suggestions based on parameters of food access

    The Fuel to Rise™ machine learning algorithms accurately and effectively generate dietary suggestions using the local synchronization of university dining halls, common food sources, and personal preferences.

  • 5.
    Intervention strategies for fueling optimization

    We know that increased performance begins with small, incremental behavior changes. The Fuel to Rise™ platform allows you to make informed decisions based on athlete and team data trends.

  • 6.
    Performance comparisons (In the Works)

    An opt-in feature will give you the ability to compare the nutrition and performance of your athletes and teams across similar populations and demographics.

  • 7.
    Hardware Integration (In the Works)

    The Fuel to Rise™ platform is being designed to integrate data from smartwatch or other performance monitoring hardware and correlate it with nutrition performance data.

Why You Need Rise

  • 1.
    Work with more teams and individual athletes

    We know your time is valuable and there are not enough hours in the day. The Fuel to Rise™ platform saves time for sports dietitians, allowing them to serve more athletes, and provides a resource to programs with few or no nutrition support staff.

  • 2.
    Cutting Edge Research

    The Fuel to Rise™ platform is designed and validated by nutrition professionals using the latest evidence-based research.

  • 3.

    For those of you in the collegiate space, it can be difficult to navigate the rules and regulations of communication with athletes, especially in the off-season. Whether you are a Division I, II, or III team the Fuel to Rise™ platform designed to meet HIPPA, NCAA compliance. The platform is designed to comply at every level from college to the pros - abiding by professional regulations, international, and Olympic standards.

  • 4.
    Data Protection

    We have designed the Fuel to Rise™ platform with your data privacy in mind. Our mission is to adhere to the highest international data protection standards, giving you control over your information. We want you to understand how your data is collected and used and encourage all our users to read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.